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    Garden Care and Maintenance

    Lawn Mowing and Edging

  • Ready Home & Garden Services has the right experience and equipments to cater to any lawn area in both commercial complexes to residential complexes and individual residences.
  • Along with lawn mowing, trimming and edging services, we also take away and blow away the extra grass clippings.
  • For this, we can provide ongoing, regular services or if you prefer you can contact us for a one-off service or you can engage us casually every once in a while.

Garden area maintenance

From weeding, to trimming, removing unwanted plants, undergrowth and everything else there is, Ready Home & Garden Services has you covered. For regular servicing to one-off, casual, whatever you prefer with regards to garden maintenance, you can reach out to us.

Trimming and pruning hedges and smaller plants and trees

Maintaining your hedges, smaller plants and small trees keeps your property looking nice and neat and healthy too. And in this regard Ready Home & Garden Services can take care of regular trimming, pruning, cutting and taking care of any overgrowth issues and will consistently provide regular service. Alternatively, as part of a round of garden maintenance, you want any trimming and pruning of the hedges and trees done, we are good for that too.

Cleaning Services

Bond Cleaning

Getting your bond back is the biggest hurdle to be crossed when moving out. And this can be a worry of sorts. At Ready Home & Garden Services we understand the requirements and demands of homeowners, property owners and real estate agents and the fact that only if the bond cleaning is thorough will you get your bond back.

And in this regard, in order to deliver it the right way and to take care of all that is required to help you through the cleaning process, our bond cleaning will be undertaken. Incorporating the right and effective cleaning techniques, to using the right tools and cleaning products, we will cover ground and ensure all bases have been covered without any damage to the property and the final bond cleaning service too is impeccable.

Carpet Cleaning

At Ready Home & Garden Services we understand stained, stinky, dirty carpets and dust allergies. With years of experience behind us, we carry out thorough carpet cleaning procedures right from vacuuming to cleaning, washing, and steam cleaning your carpets. This way, we will rejuvenate your carpets and bring it back to its original form, all stain-free, dust and dirt-free too. And we will be able to retain its freshness without causing any discoloration or wear and tear to the fabric.

Office Cleaning

The Ready Home & Garden Service cleaners understand how an office operates, how busy it is with employees milling around and going about their day-to-day duties and work. And most of all, they spend long hours in the office and this is why the office cleaning should be comprehensive and complete too. And in this, when we go about our office cleaning service, we take no shortcuts in the office cleaning service and we go about what is needed to be undertaken. With our exemplary office cleaning service, our clients’ will more than be happy and satisfied that their space is a clean and healthy workspace.

Our other cleaning services

As part of our cleaning services, we also taken on the below cleaning services based of course on client requisites.

  • End of lease cleaning or exit cleaning
  • Domestic cleaning or house cleaning
  • Hotel and holiday apartment cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning and washing

Outdoor Property Maintenance

As we do offer a range of services that cover cleaning to garden maintenance, we also offer some specific outdoor property maintenance and services like:

  • Minor landscaping, rebarking & mulching
  • Turfing or laying the turf
  • Green waste and general rubbish removal
  • Handyman services
  • Pest control service

To engage Ready Home & Garden Services for any services you seek, call us on our number 0406694764 or email us at