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Get In Touch With Us

Garden Care and Maintenance

    Lawn Mowing and Edging

  • Ready Home & Garden Services has the right experience and equipments to cater to any lawn area in both commercial complexes to residential complexes and individual residences.
  • Along with lawn mowing, trimming and edging services, we also take away and blow away the extra grass clippings.
  • For this, we can provide ongoing, regular services or if you prefer you can contact us for a one-off service or you can engage us casually every once in a while.

Garden area maintenance

From weeding, to trimming, removing unwanted plants, undergrowth and everything else there is, Ready Home & Garden Services has you covered. For regular servicing to one-off, casual, whatever you prefer with regards to garden maintenance, you can reach out to us.

Trimming and pruning hedges and smaller plants and trees

Maintaining your hedges, smaller plants and small trees keeps your property looking nice and neat and healthy too. And in this regard Ready Home & Garden Services can take care of regular trimming, pruning, cutting and taking care of any overgrowth issues and will consistently provide regular service. Alternatively, as part of a round of garden maintenance, you want any trimming and pruning of the hedges and trees done, we are good for that too.